Roof Restoration

The typical roof restoration process includes the following steps:


The roof is inspected and any leaks repaired. eg replace faulity tiles, replace leaking roof sheets, repair/replace flashings if needed.


A critical step, paint will not adhere to a dirty service. The guttering is disconnected from rain water tanks and storm water drains. Acryloc Roof Clean is applied, if required, and the roof is thoroughly pressure cleaned.


Ridge Capping tiles are now inspected. Any faulty bedding mortar is replaced. All capping tiles are re pointed with Flexi-point. This flexible pointing compound helps prevent future movement and dislodgement of capping tiles.

Mould Rid

The whole roof area is coated with Acryloc Mouldrid. Mouldrid is a ‘leave on’ water based biocide which inhibits the growth of moss and lichen on all surfaces.


Another critical step, priming is the ‘key’ for good adhesion. Once the Mouldrid is dry, the whole roof area is primed using the appropriate product from Acryloc Primerbond range. A Primerbond is available for most surfaces, including concrete tiles, previosly painted roofs, aged Colorbond, Zincalume and Galvanised sheets.


Two colour coats are applied for durability and long-term weather protection. Whether you chose Acryloc standard Roofcote CRC or the Roofcote Supa Cool heat reflecting option the System Warranty is 10 years.